Homogeniser K30-40

Homogenising/Filtering/refining machinery for bitumen and bitumen compound base.
It makes the compound smooth and shiny and destroys all the impurities inside.
Usually installed between the primary/preparation mixer and the secondary/holding mixer.
Possible vertical or horizontal version.
Exceptional filtration up to 0.2mm.

It has a triple fuction: filtration/shredder/homogenisation.

With this equipment it’s possible to work different kinds of compound with:

  • Recycling material from waterproofing membrane
  • Filler/other materials/CaCO3


Technical data:
• Capacity: up to 80cm/h
• Diathermic oil temperature : from 180°C to 200°C
• Electrical power installed: 30-40Kw
• Special design holes: from 55.000 to n° 75.000